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Let it go, let her go by FEuJenny07 Let it go, let her go by FEuJenny07
"You only need the light when it's burning low
You only miss the sun when it starts to snow
You only know you love her when you let her go"

"You let her go?!" Felix exclaimed "Ralph, what did you do?"
Ralph was sitting on a couch right outside the ballroom, his elbows resting on his knees, his head lowered to face the floor. Everything happened so quickly that night: the coronation, the arguing between the two sisters, the queen unleashing a barrier of icy spikes before running away, panicking. But he missed most of it. 

His grumpy attitude always made him feel nervous and uneasy during formal events, and a ball wasn't really his ideal evening. But the coronation of queen Elsa of Arendelle was something he couldn't skip, as representants of different reigns and worlds were expected to show up, greeting the new royalty. Felix was most excited about it, Ralph would have avoided most happily, yet his friend managed to convince him somehow. “It would be perfect to prove your new conduct to the rest of the world!” he said, jolly “Don’t tell me the big and strong Wreck-It Ralph is afraid of a little quick party!”.

Unfortunately, the event was everything but quick or little. The whole ceremony seemed to last for hours. Ralph snored during most of the event, until he felt Felix’s elbow piercing on his side, and everyone stood up for the entrance of princess Elsa of Arendelle, followed by the younger sister, princess Anna.

When Ralph saw them, he widened his eyes in surprise: voices always described princess Elsa as a composed, quiet princess, always with a severe frown crossing her perfect forehead, her manners refined yet extremely cold, her contacts with other people limited to the least; the complete opposite of her sister Anna, who was now following her across the nave, awkwardly waving at people around her, sharing quick smiles and whispering greetings. Two sisters, yet completely different from each other.

But what Ralph saw wasn’t the cold princess he heard of: instead, he saw a pale girl, who looked like she had tried to cover every single inch of her body as much as possible, only the nape peering out, under a tighten hairdo. Her gloved hands gripped on each other desperately, her eyes stubbornly avoiding any other glance, her already thin lips almost disappearing in a nervous line, the thin shoulders tensed under a huge, majestic purple cape. Everything about her looked insecure, nervous, uncomfortable. Yet, Ralph couldn’t help but think she was surprisingly beautiful. He found himself staring at her for the whole ceremony, contemplating her hesitation while taking off her gloves, her eyes widened while staring at the crowd in front of her during the proclamation –and there, right there, a part of Ralph’s heart hoped she could somehow meet his gaze-, and finally his eyes followed her until her last steps out of the church, and kept staring at the entrance, where the crowd was now flowing toward, his mind completely blank. He couldn’t know how much time had passed when he finally heard a nervous cough, and looked down to meet Felix’s grin. “Don’t look so sad, my friend” Felix laughed, his grin widening “There’s still a ball to attend to”.

Ralph’s hopes to still catch a glance of queen Elsa quickly vanished as he entered the ballroom, crowded to the smallest corner. He let the delegation work to Felix, who started smiling and chatting with everyone around, without forgetting to give proof of his dancing skills, as Ralph decided to look for the buffet instead. What he found was nothing more than few appetizers, most of them smelling of herring, and a chocolate fondue, or -better to say- what was left of it. With a frustrated grunt, he decided to take a small walk around the castle instead, so he moved towards the hall, but not before throwing one last glance towards the throne, where, above a sea of heads chatting with each other, he could see the graceful figure of queen Elsa, talking with her sister. Ralph let out a sigh, and finally stepped out of the ballroom.

His walk was a pretty long one, and he was surprised to see the castle was much bigger than he thought, mostly made in wood, its walls covered with thousands of paintings. In the middle of his castle trip he even saw the young princess Anna passing by, singing some weird duet with a tall man dressed in white: Ralph couldn’t help but roll his eyes at it, and decided to go back to the ballroom before bumping into some other weird show.

He was halfway the hall that lead to the ballroom, and he noticed how weirdly the chatting coming from the room weren’t resonating anymore, replaced by a voice yelling instead: the voice of young princess Anna. Ralph hesitated, before taking a couple of steps more towards the ballroom, and definitely stopped when he heard queen Elsa screaming instead: “I said enough!”. A crackling noise followed, resembling crystals breaking and tingling against each other, and immediately after the sound of thousands gasps. Ralph stared at the door, his muscles tensing, when –much to his dismay- he saw no one else than queen Elsa dashing out of it, running desperately down the hall, one bare hand pressed against her chest. Ralph was so surprised he didn’t even move, and the queen ran right against him, bumping into his chest; he instinctively raised his hands and placed them on her shaking shoulders, in a confused attempt to protect her, Ralph didn’t even know from who or what. He panicked: he was the bad guy, he didn’t know how to take care of the damsel in distress, how to reassure her. Suddenly his hands felt too big, too strong to hold such a delicate creature.

 It took queen Elsa just an instant to realize what happened, as she raised her face to meet Ralph’s gaze: Ralph felt his heart skipping a beat, the moment he could see closely the terror deep inside the queen’s eyes. They looked at each other just for a second, when a male voice came from the ballroom, making both of them turning towards it: “What are you waiting for? Go get her!”.

Elsa turned her head back at Ralph, a terrified look frowning her eyebrows, a mute beg coming from her tightened lips. Ralph tightened her grip on her shoulder just for a second, before letting her go, and stepping aside. Queen Elsa dedicated him just a quick glance, before risning again down the hall, the purple cloak fluctuating behind her.

Quick illustrated one-shot. It's hard to picture how Ralph and Elsa could actually meet, since they come from completely different worlds. So, after seeing Rapunzel's cammeo,in "Frozen", I just thought that maybe most Disney celebrities would have been invited to Elsa's coronation. Lame attempt, I know.

Elsa, Ralph (c) Disney
Mashup (c) Sam Tsui
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I think it started when one of the workers for one either WIR or Frozen made a comment about how Elsa and Ralph would make a good couple.  

I'm not kidding about what I said above.  That actually happened.
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how does any ship start?
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