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November 15, 2012
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The never grown-up land

Giovannino Perdigiorno,
travelling just for fun,
ended up in the land
of the never grown-up ones

Calling it a planet
would be an exaggeration:
it's just a mini world
in a mini constellation

Everything's mini there:
mini mountains, mini seas,
and there is a mini town
and each micro man there lives

But have a better look,
and surely you will find
that every man in there
is a never grown-up child

About growing up
they really do not care:
always living as a child
is a better bill of fare

"Grown-ups never play
and it's simply crystal clear
that they only have bad thoughts
for each period of the year

In sum, being kids means
all is fine, all is well"
And Giovannino answered:
"To you cowards, I say: farewell"
Giovannino Perdigiorno is a character created by a famous italian writer, Gianni Rodari: he's a guy who spends his time travelling from land to land, looking for the perfect one ("perdigiorno" in italian means a guy who spends his day wasting time).

I used to love books with rhymes as a child, and I still do: the ones by Gianni Rodari were always simple, but very funny and sweet, with a nice meaning behind them. So I tried to translate one of the stories from the book about "Giovannino Perdigiorno": the original title is "Il pianeta fanciullo". I had to make some minor edits, but I tried to save the whole meaning from the original one.

Giovannino Perdigiorno - Il pianeta fanciullo (c) Gianni Rodari
Translation by me
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At first I had thought that this was written by you, and was going to say "well done". But, now I'll say "well translated", lol. It was a very nice rhyming story. Thank you for sharing it.
Thank you for your nice words, and I'm glad you could enjoy it ^^
You're quite welcome. ^;;;^
I like your translation! And understand why you seem to like this tale: full of meaning inside, very nice. By the way, it is necessary to make edits in translation, especially when the intention is for readers to understand, and you want to keep the rythmes and all... I like a lot!
Thanks ^^ I hope I did a good job, it wasn't easy to keep the rhymes, but I did my best :)
And yeah, the book was adorable! I still read it now and then
Black-Sweater Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOw....SO awsome ^3^
Nice work Jenny
Thank you! ^^
Black-Sweater Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs ^3^
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